Body and Mind Cleanse

Increase your body’s capacity for detoxifying accumulated impurities.


Body and Mind Cleanse

In this series of 6 workshops you will learn the strategies for body and mind cleanse.

With specific breath exercises, Kundalini Yoga practice, nutritional recommendations and skin care routine you will increase body capacity for detoxifying accumulated impurities.

Throughout our life time we accumulate toxins that origin from unprocessed food, environmental pollution in water, air, and food which we consume. Unprocessed emotions disturb our digestive and emotional balance, causing our bodies stress and depleting it of energy.

Even though our bodies have an amazing ability to self-cleanse, it can only deal with these toxins to a certain degree. If we accumulate more than it can process, these toxins create physiological and physical imbalances and interfere with the healthy function of our biome. We begin showing symptoms of disease.

Kundalini Yoga offers various strategies for detoxification through specific breath techniques, exercises, hydrotherapy and dry brash massage in addition to nutritional.


Workshop Details

Mode: Interactive online
Duration: 6 modules, each 2 hours
Fee: $380 (HST included)
Dates: TBD

Disclaimer:  All services offered are not to replace medical recommendations.
These services are offered as a complimentary modality to conventional medical treatment.
If you have a medical condition, seek the advice of your doctor.

“Only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see the Truth”

“Compassion is a kind of healing agent that helps us tolerate the hurt of seeing the Truth.”

“Sometimes being real means allowing pain or accepting a painful truth. Yet something in us aligns with an inner ground of authenticity when we are real. We love it because of its inherent rightness in our Soul, the sense of 'Aha, here I am and there is nothing to do but be'.”

“Your environment wasn't supportive, wasn't loving, did not respond to you ... The fundamental thing that happened, and the greatest calamity, is not that there was no love or support. The greater calamity, which is caused by the first calamity is that you lost the connection to your essence. That is much more important than whether your mother or father loved you or not.”