Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry counseling will help you to connect to the truth…

A Therapeutic Approach

About Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Mate, reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world. Compassionate Inquiry Counselling is supportive in unveiling the level of your consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that manifest as your reality, both in your speech and in your behavior.

Compassionate Inquiry counselling will help you to connect to the truth within yourself in the present moment, to become free from self-generated suffering, and to gain insight, clarity and choice in your behaviour.


Compassionate Inquiry was developed by Dr. Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam Kaur N.D.
A typical Compassionate Inquiry session will enable you to explore ways that will help you build the capacity for:

  • being present with what is
  • recognizing and paying attention to your body signals
  • enhancing your perception of what is not being revealed overtly
  • developing the ability to access emotional states through body awareness
  • being able to express what has remained unexpressed
  • staying in the present moment experience
  • accessing early traumatic events from childhood, as well as unconscious feeling states through compassionately inquiring within
  • shifting the perceptions and beliefs that stand in the way of you being truly authentic

Session Details

Mode: video conferencing, or in person.
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $122 (HST included)


Disclaimer:  All services offered are not to replace medical recommendations.
These services are offered as a complimentary modality to conventional medical treatment.
If you have a medical condition, seek the advice of your doctor.

Getting Started is Easy

Getting to Know You

Please tell us, what is the main issue that you would like to work on?
Do you have any health conditions that might limit you or prevent from practicing yoga?

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1st Session!

The first session will be structured around subscribed services (counselling, breath exercises, and yoga type).

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I connect to activities offered virtually at Yoga for Healing?

Once your payment is processed you will receive an invitation to a video conference using the Zoom platform.

What can I expect during my first Compassionate Inquiry session?

During the first Compassionate Inquiry session Anna will ask you some questions that will help her to understand you well (age, profession, health, and family background). The full confidentiality is very important to Anna. Any information you share with Anna will stay with Anna. You will then bring to the session the issue that you wish to resolve, and you will be facilitated to work through this with the Compassionate Inquiry approach.

Do virtual yoga workshops involve yoga practice?

Yes. You will be facilitated by Anna in your yoga practice, breathing exercises and meditation, with precise instructions and cues. It would be beneficial if Anna could see you practising but it is not crucial.

How do I prepare for the online yoga class?

Find a quiet space where you are, so there are no distractions. You also need a yoga mat, a cushion to sit on, a blanket, a note book and a pen. Most importantly, have available your electronic device that you will use to connect to the video conference, using Zoom.